Diplomatic & Consular Book

Welcome to the Diplomatic Book

The Diplomatic Book has, since 1974, been a fundamental source of reference for the extensive diplomatic and political community within the UK.

The distribution has in recent years expanded to include a significant number of executives and directors within the private sector. These business recipients are always targeted to ensure they are relevant to the features contained within the Diplomatic Book for that year.

Keenly utilised by this broad and often inaccessible audience, the Diplomatic Book provides a platform whereby selected organisations that are exponents of best practice can showcase and demonstrate their excellence in an extremely prestigious setting, alongside contributions from relevant ministers and industry experts.

Reaching this economically and politically powerful audience under the exalted and esteemed umbrella of the Diplomatic Book enables the contributors to generate new business links and to influence decision makers both on a domestic and international level. Consequently, the invited participants are always held in extremely high regard.